Gilbert Baubeau is a French artist residing in Ballans (Charente-Maritime – France) where he works in his studio. His works are exhibited in France and in 2006, China at the National Art Museum of Tianjin together with other French painters Zacchi, Jouenne, Loilier…

Born in 1953, Gilbert Baubeau was 9 years old when he discovered painting while visiting a family friend, herself an artist painter. It profundly marked him, he borrowed his brother’s gouache box and draws and paints after school. Surprised to see how gifted Gilbert was, the artist gave him books on painting technics.
Drawn to Corot and the Barbizon masters, he painted in a classical manner. Later, he developed a passionate interest in Impressionists painters and discovered Van Gogh.

Blue tones and lines which enabled him to translate his perception of nature appeared in his works from the 1970’s.
Here, blue is vivid, transparent and vibrant. It creates space, depth and light. This unexpected monochromy undoubtedly draws the eye because of its wealth of nuances. Each brushstroke alive and expressive through the wealth of nuances – of ultramarine blue to very light – cobalt blue gives the impression of polychromy.
Lunar ghosts haunt his canvases, shadows and nights, crossing a border that no longer exists or focusing on the visitor with their enigmatic face. Strong architecture lines create new landscapes based on surrounding picturesque villages, churches and fortified castles or his own vision.
Made by interactions between heat and cold, depth and the foreground, Gilbert Baubeau’s artwork vibrates and comes to life.

Many times he was a Laureate of The Froissart Centre of poetry research. In 1974 Gilbert Baubeau won the award of the French President of the Republic. It was offered by the President Georges Pompidou.

After a teaching career spanning 35 years Gilbert Baubeau decides to dedicate himself exclusively to painting. He sets up his studio in his home village, Ballans, and opened it for the first time in 2011.


Main exhibits 

Expo Brantôme 42016: International pastel Salon of Giverny
2016: Drawing and pastel Festival of Bastides en Périgord in Saint-Agne
2016: International pastel Salon of Saint Aulaye
2016: 46th Salon des Arts de Cholet
2015: International pastel Salon of Giverny
2014: 45th Salon des Arts de Cholet
2014: Drawing and pastel Festival of Bastides en Périgord in Saint-Agne
2014: International pastel Salon of Saint Aulaye
2014: 10th European Salon at beffroi de Bruges (Belgium)
2013: 44th Salon des Arts de Cholet
2013: European artistic encounters of Champniers
2013: International pastel Salon of Saint Aulaye
2013: Châteauneuf sur Charente alongside the sculptor Olivier Dixneuf
2013: Abbey of Brantôme
2012: Laléard castel
2012: Coulon
2012: Painting festival of Magné
2011: 80th Salon biennal of Périgueux
2008: Saint-Jean d’Angély
2006: “Actual art, France-China-Japon” at the National Art museum of Tianjin (China)
2006: Guest of honor at the Paintings days of Saint-Jean d’Angély
1998: Group exhibition at Nieulle s/ Seudre
1995: One man’s show in Saintes
1995: La Rochelle painting show
1994: President of the jury at the painting show of Echillais
1994: Group exhibition at Saint-Jean de Côle
1993: Retrospective of the years 1966 to 1993 at Neuvicq-le-Château
1986 to 1991: Harvest salon of Cognac (Cercle des beaux-Arts de Poitou-Charentes)
1986 to 1991: Les récollets at Cognac
1975: Castel of Douhet
1972 and 1973: Salon of la Flotte en ré
1972 and 1973: La Rochelle city hall


Main poetry awards 

Laureate of the Ville de Béziers awards:

1987: Grand prix of the Ville de Béziers for the collection “La margelle des miroirs“
1985: Award Jean Bonicel for a collection of poems

Laureate of the Froissart Centre of poetry research:

1986: Award Pierre Basuyau for the collection “Les guetteurs de nuages“
1981: Award for the edition of the collection “Profil du vent“
1980: Award for the edition of the collection “Tisser le temps“
1977: Award for the edition of the collection “Métamorphoses du silence“
1974: Award French President of the Republic, offered by Georges Pompidou for many poems



La margelle des miroirs_Gilbert BaubeauLa margelle des miroirs – 1987 – Atelier de la Rampe Edition, August 1988

Les guetteurs de nuages – 1986 – Cahier Froissart 39 supplement (alongside Garcia Lorca), Autumn 1986

Les guetteurs de nuages – 1986 – Cahier Froissart 39 supplement, May 1986

Profil du vent – 1981 – Cahier Froissart, Summer 1981

Tisser le temps – 1980 – Froissart Separate, Spring 1980

Métamorphoses du silence – 1977 – Cahier Froissart N°2 supplement, Spring 1977



Exhibition catalogue

Actual art France-China-Japon 2006 at the Tianjin National Art Museum (CHINE)

Cahiers Froissart

Cahier Froissart 39 supplement, Autumn 1986
Cahier Froissart, Summer 1981
Cahier Froissart 39 supplement, May 1981
Froissart separate publication, Spring 1980
Cahier Froissart n°2 supplement, Spring 1977

Others editions

Edition à l’Atelier de la Rampe, 1988

Literary magazines

Atrium des Poètes
Noah, n°8, Septembre 1981
Points et contre-points
Thèmes préférés des poètes
Les poètes de France, 1974-1975


S’il vous plaît, destine-moi un poème, Hauts-de-France edition, 1991



L'atelier Le guetteur de nuages (4)The studio is situated in a charming and peaceful village, in a renovated farmhouse.
This atypical house-studio is a meeting-place for poetry lovers.
Here the atmosphere is vibrant with creativity.



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Atelier Le guetteur de nuages
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